Construyendo y publicando nuestra primera app multiplataforma (II)

In this second session of the Interlat Webinars lecturing I review how the variety of devices on the market, related to brands (and underlying operating system), screen sizes and resolutions, input methods, available sensors, etc…, which is something really good for consumers, constitutes a big problem for those planning to develop an application or game.

The problem is technically called ‘fragmentation’ and appears when we realise all the effort that will be required for our product to run on as many devices as possible.

A possible solution is proposed and it is the use of technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JS and optionally a framework like jQuery Mobile to develop a mobile web application.

Also during the presentation I show a little example of a well-known videogame with a world rankingĀ to show some of the possibilities that this set of technologies gives. Main featuresĀ are:

  • HTML5 Canvas based 2D game
  • Usage of websockets to obtain updates to the ranking in real time.
  • Usage of Google Maps and a table to display the ranking.
  • Usage of jQuery Mobile to quickly build all pages and UI.
  • Backend built as an API using Grape, PostgreSQL and ActiveRecord and deployed to Heroku.

You can see the source of the project in my js interlat demo app github repo.