Rails Friendly URLs Gem

Great! After several months working on this, I have finally released the first stable version of my Rails Friendly URLs gem. This is a very interesting feature that I started developing at OffsideGaming as a feature request for a particular partner and I was surprised to realise that no gems already existed for this! Basically it consists of a gem that allows administrators of any web service to dynamically configure any url they want into a SEO Friendly one and instantly see it applied in its website. Apart from how cool it is to see a url as friendly rather than a machine generated one, it definitely has it’s SEO advantages and therefore I thought It would be a nice contribution to the open source community. It performs three changes for every configured url:

  • Makes the application recognise the new route and act exactly as the originally configured one.
  • Makes the original one to be redirected to the new one, to avoid search engines penalise your site.
  • Makes Rails url and path helpers to use the friendly url, so you don’t need to change any single line of code in order to use them. And all these is done dynamically, without even need to restart your application server!

If you want to know more just visit the Rails Friendly URLs Gem Github Repo where you will find all the source code and instructions to set up and running easily. Also, if you want to see it in action and even play a little bit with it I’ve uploaded an example application in Heroku. The url is this: https://rails-friendly-urls-test.herokuapp.com/

I’ll be more than happy of hearing from you if you ever use it, or even if you find any issue using it. Leave your comments below!