McDonalds 30 Anniversary

At Unkasoft, we were very proud to work with clients such as McDonalds. In this case, we were responsible for developing the promotional 30 anniversary of the company in Spain. I was the developer of the iOS native application and, although it looks like a very simple application, it had a fair amount of functionality, mainly because it had three operation modes, based on date and location: The application was intended for a particular promotion held at a concrete date at a concrete point (Callao Plaza, Madrid, Spain). So depending on the date (before, during or after promotion) and the location (at Callao or not), the application should do some different things.

The result was a heavily promoted application (thanks to the brand, of course) and pretty nice looking with a very cool and curious feature, a candles blowing simulator :).

All the promotion, and application was built around the idea of the anniversary, and the selected way of celebrating it was by a cake with candles to blow (hard to guess, huh?). The special thing is that, during the promotion, the users present at Callao, should use their smartphones with the promo app downloaded to help blow all candles on an enormous cake shown at an advertisement panel by literally blowing candles on their smartphone each! (Watch the video below for more).

And I went for the most realistic approach possible: First of all, candles should look like real burning candles, and I think I achieved a very good simulation using a particles system with Cocos2D engine, the second important part was its behaviour responding to the user’s blow. Using the iPhone/iPad microphone, I ‘listen’ to the noise it receives, and depending on its intensity, the candles or smoke (if already put out) vibrate, move or put out themselves.

You can see candles in action and the result of the whole marketing campaign in these videos below. Also app screenshots below.