HTML5 Space Invaders

Next wednesday I’m lecturing ‘Construyendo y publicando nuestra primera app multiplataforma (II)’ for the program ‘Miércoles de profundización en e-business’ developed by Interlat Group (Colombia). I already lectured this same webinar about one year and a half ago (link here) and when preparing the slides I thought that, apart from updating contents to be along the current time where we are in, it would be great to update the sample application as well.

So first of all I wanted something that viewers could connect to and test live in their devices, and immediately after that, and idea of interaction between them came to my mind. Result: A couple of hours later I saw myself developing a HTML5 Canvas and JS simplified version of the extremely popular ‘Space Invaders’  with world ranking that is displayed both in a map and also in a table updated live by using websockets technology.