iOS Paginas Amarillas (Yell)

Páginas Amarillas’ ‘Cerca de mi’ iOS application is one of the latest applications that we developed at Unkasoft and is probably one of the most complete ones. It includes lots of features and it took us a long time and effort to develop it but I think that the final result really worths it.

As a non technical comment, that project was particularly difficult for us because it was developed by the Unkasoft IT team, but all the project management came from the client. I wouldn’t like to generalise, there are exceptions to this, for sure, but from that experience I learnt that this kind of IT team rent out is something that companies should do very carefully. As you probably guess, in the early stages all is about courtesy and polite words, but when deadlines are approaching, that lovely environment is turned into a very uncomfortable and sometimes insane one because of irrational pressure, those typical critical features that no one ever mentioned until the demo day, those big changes required for yesterday, etc…

But let’s move forward onto some technical stuff. The application is the iOS frontend of this businesses search company, so we had to integrate with their old-style SOAP XML API. Then it was all about different ways of presenting search results and different ways of user interaction (comments, photos, …).

The application counts with typical list, map, routes and augmented reality sections for displaying search results. This latter is the one of which I am most proud of, for two basic reasons, one is that it is the most technically challenging and the second is because it was my biggest contribution to that project.

This Augmented Reality section uses my iOS Augmented Reality Engine that I had started developing some time ago for a previous project and I definitely finished and tuned it to plug it into this iOS project.

After some time and a bit more work on it I open sourced it under my Github account. You can see more about it here.

Going back to the full application, here you can see some links, some screenshots and a Youtube promotional video which, shows mainly the Augmented Reality section. 🙂




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