iOS Augmented Reality Engine

It’s a long time ago since I was asked to build an iPhone application with augmented reality capabilities (typical feature to show stores around user’s location).

I used the project as starting point for my solution, but soon I realised that my requirements won’t be fully covered by that project so I started implementing my own ARKit Engine at that moment. Nowadays it has become a fully featured and easy to use iOS engine, which I have open-sourced and I’m really proud of the results.

It’s core features are:

  • Fully compatible with all versions of iOS from 5.0 onwards.
  • Supports all orientations.
  • Scales and rotates displayed objects based on distance and orientation.
  • Allows user interaction with displayed objects.
  • Displayed objects positions are updated live (According to the user’s position).
  • Supports and distinguishes front looking as well as floor looking .
  • Allows any custom overlay views.
  • Builtin support for radar view.
  • Fully customisable.

At the moment I have used it in these iOS applications with really good results so far:

Go to the iOS ARKit Github repo to know more or try it. I’ve open-sourced it along with a demo project that shows how to use it.


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